Sunday, June 11, 2017

Just Bob and Ray

I suppose in the interest of full disclosure I should mention it's not "just Bob and Ray" there is also their trio, whose names I don't know*.   And there is the announcer.  

Also, in recognition of my fellow residents,   I should also note that today's post is of Maine interest. 

And another item of interest is their baseball skit which makes fun of the way Ronald Reagan's national career got started, in which he faked coverage of Chicago Cubs games he never saw based on telegraphed accounts of them.  He was a phony from the start of it, the media are good at creating a false semblance of reality that can dupe millions.  Something American liberals still haven't figured out has real political consequences damaging to democracy as we're into our second horrific media figure presidency.   Of course, Bob and Ray weren't making fun of Ronald Reagan's political career.   That would begin a few years later when Reagan did the same against national health care on behalf of the AMA for pay, and the rest was history.  They were just making fun of how their medium could dupe people.  Something the ACLU doesn't take seriously. 

*  I just found their names online,  they were Paul Taubman on the Hammond Organ, Sanford Gold on piano and Bill Bauer on guitar.

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