Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday Night Radio Drama -- The Lodger

Warning:  This recording has cigarette commercials embedded in it.  If any of you take up smoking because of it,  I won't post any more with commercials.

Had to take an allergy pill and fell asleep and am running late. I'll probably post another play tomorrow. 

I've been looking for a clear recording of a funny play that Arch Oboler wrote for Peter Lorre but I haven't had much success.  If I can find it, I'll post it because it's nice to hear Lorre play against his typical creepy, sinister typecasting.  

 Well, here's one that is typically creepy.   And Agnes Moorehead is in it too, a long way from Bewitched.  It's too bad she got associated with that role because she was a really good actor, one of  Orson Welles' company, The Mercury Players and worked with him and Joseph Cotton in the movies. 

Peter Lorre,
Agnes Morehead,
Barbara Eiler,
Eric Snowden,
Rolfe Sedan
Conrad Binyon
Harry Morgan as the announcer - narrator.

Here's Moorehead's most famous radio performance

Lucille Fletcher - Sorry, Wrong Number 

Unfortunately I can't find out who else was involved in this performance - it was so popular that Moorehead performed it on radio seven times and other actors played the role, as well. It was parodied a number of times, too. 

Update:  Looking to see if I could find out who else was involved, I came across a source that says Orson Wells called this "the greatest single radio script ever written".

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