Friday, June 16, 2017

When Will They Ever Learn?

This is why I generally avoid watching The Young Turks videos:

Anthony McCarthy20 hours ago
Oh just fuck off, TYT.  You are morphing into a Republican asset.

 Christian Knuchel 
Christian Knuchel 9 hours ago
Are we talking about the same "one Trump story a day"-TYT?

 Anthony McCarthy 
Anthony McCarthy1 second ago
We're talking about the "let's insist on what we can't have and get Republicans into office" TYT.  Cenk and his buddies have dreams in the same lines as previous purists and they've played one of the biggest roles in putting Republican fascists into power during my lifetime.  The bright young things of my time made that asinine mistake and kept doing it and now another generation of bright young things are trying to do the same dumb shit we did.

I don't generally use the "F" bomb but I always remember what one of my carpenter relatives once told me, "If I didn't talk that way on the job they'd think I was talking a foreign language."  It is Youtube.

The stupidest thing the left ever did during my lifetime was oppose Hubert Humphrey in 1968, when we got Nixon who set things on the downward spiral the vortex of which, we are in, circling the drain.  Cenk Uygar and .Kyle Kulinski and their associates are young asses who will make the same mistakes we did.  They might be bright but they'are as stupid as a bag of bright rocks.

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